Monday, November 4, 2013

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Dwarf Village has an annual output of more than ten thousand bricks, hundreds of families facing housing grotto River, just off the red dwarf brick perilous ridge hill hillock. This is an area of 82038203about acres of individual brick, bell Hanbiao boss told reporters that the brick was put into operation in the year he spent a million will be bought this brick factory, he also vowed that country a few years ago is strictly prohibited fired clay brick digging farmland, it is now the plant is the use of coal gangue waste fired red brick. He gave reporters to produce the business sector last month issued a business license that says business scope is green bricks manufacturing, parajumpers günstig he also produced in Business license issued by the Environmental Protection Agency Jiaoling County, Guangdong Province temporary discharge of pollutants license and tax registration certificate and other relevant documents, and that they are a legitimate business.

However, the reporter saw at the side of brick stacked with a lot of clay, the other side has a few machines in crushed gangue. Open stocked with tens of thousands of brick visible parajumpers bear vest inside contains a lot of clay. Reporters visited several brick foreign workers, they say, the boss said green brick is actually a lie, crushed gangue by adding a large number of clay must be fired brick, after due infiltrated gangue ignition, resulting in a large number of irritating gases. How does the ratio between the reporter asked. Migrant workers from Sichuan, said that depending on the number of cards gangue is the number of calories, sometimes yes, sometimes yes. Next to the village primary school in the back, the reporter also saw large tracts of farmland here is dry clay brick dug dug pit. Reporters asked Chung Hon standard, you do not say you only use coal gangue brick him speechless, then he turned and leave the territory.

Brick factory workers and local villagers confirmed that the brick hours per day production, with an annual output of about ten thousand bricks, there is nearly a worker, each block brick cm long cm thick, the market respectively. Over acres of abandoned farmland Reporters on the scene learned that the two existing power brick dwarf Ridge respectively kWh kWh electric grinder. The original shop next to the houses, the villagers complained a few years ago and migrated to tens of meters, are still open, as the main source of noise. Local villagers said that there were villagers from the village for years to jiaoling county departments Brickyard issues complaint calls for the elimination of the brick. Afterwards, the environmental protection departments have also sent scene investigation, issued a rectification notice, but in the process of gangue brick burning a lot of sulfur dioxide emissions, is still more than 10 meters from the brick chimney drifting around the clock around the village . A villager surnamed Chen told reporters, is not only annoying noise emissions, Village Road, also the brickyard transport vehicles must pass through every night of the car and out of the red brick carriage stop, close to the village road on both sides of the village the night can not sleep soundly. Two bell surname villagers said that the name of this brick brick production in the name of environmental protection, it also continues to arbitrarily digging clay near the village, the village some of the facilities have been destroyed. I really do not understand why still can go its own way against the brick Why can receive a business license and tax registration parajumpers greenwich certificate and become a legitimate business, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter interviewed the director of business have loved Sinpu Ming and Jiaoling County to the Inland Revenue Collection Unit Lin Weiyang Chief. Was director said, came when the clock Hanbiao business license application, provided the material claimed to be producing green bricks, industrial and commercial prospecting sent to the brickyard business scope after write.

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